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Bespoke Research and Development

Simple things should be simple: complex things should be possible. (Alan Kay)

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Pronounced 'ZU-VAH-ZI', we are a bespoke Research and Development studio.
Simply put, we solve a wide variety of real-world problems using technology.
Our portfolio illustrates some of the areas we are active in but we thrive on new challenges.
And, yes, there is a story behind the name: think restrictive covenants and a big bag of Scrabble™ letters. It could've been worse!

Agile Project Execution
What we do is often risky and ill-defined. Agile lets us maximise flexibility within the project, yet also to spread cost and risk evenly across the project.
People Are Key
Technology is nothing without the right people with the experience to create it or to identify, implement, improve, and exploit it.
We code from proof-of-concept to fully deployed systems-of-systems. And at any point in between. Hamsters are a speciality...
Looks Like Rain?
We love web-based applications. Either as is or as a frontend to more complex system constructs. Private, public, or hybrid: we've got you covered.
Building Blocks
Modularity and extensibility. Open interfaces, standard data formats and protocols, and clear APIs mean that our work is easily integrated.
See Clearly
We know that humans have to use our solutions. We make analytics easy, provide clear insight, and use intuitive, multi-perspective visualisations.

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Since inception, we have conceived, proven, developed, and deployed numerous complex software solutions.
The following examples illustrate just some of our work to date.

Calling all bright inquisitive folk!

Do you want to work at a small dynamic company in South Wales that is leveraging emerging technologies to provide dynamic bespoke solutions to real-world customer problems?

With our innovative solutions for interfacing smart buildings and making them geniuses, context engine workflow solutions for dynamic knowledge gathering and exploitation, Natural Language Processing pipeline, and secure data sharing and security capabilities; working for us means addressing ever-evolving challenges.

We’re fairly open in terms of our technology stack, but our solutions currently include:
Ruby (on Rails), Java, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, Graph structures, JSON, and GIS.

Don’t worry if you bring other skills as we’re open to leveraging new technologies suitable to each job at hand; plus we’re open to in-post development where appropriate.
If you are curious, questioning, self-motivated, and want to lead your own team within a year then we want to hear from you.

If any of our open positions sounds like something you'd be interested in then Send us your CV.

PS: We do not use recruiters so, if that's you, please do NOT bother to contact us.
If you do so, you will be blacklisted (and probably embarrassed - if such you can be - on social media).

Current Vacancies

Current vacancies have a key focus but, of course, successful candidates have scope to get involved in everything we do.

Key Focus: City-scale Simulator Program.
Find, integrate, and develop technologies capable of creating a 'virtual city' within which all aspects and layers of city life can be represented and simulated. Leverage our existing 'Cascade' capability to enable this web-based service under EU funding.
Key Focus: Secure Information Systems.
Research, implement, and evaluate components and systems for intelligent information storage with granular security. DHTs and blockchain technologies are of specific interest as are novel approaches to software-defined infrastructure and cloud.
Key Focus: Cyber Situational Awareness.
Take on and extend our existing 'Cascade' capability to address an ongoing research programme focused on the provision of Cyber Situational Awareness to UK MoD. Deep Java skills are a must for this role, with JRuby being an advantage.
Key Focus: Complement the Team.
Even if you do not fit into the specific vacancies we have, we would like to hear from you. Tell us who you are and what you might bring to the party: we are always on the look out for smart, capable people with great ideas to help us grow.

We look forward to hearing from you

Xuvasi Ltd
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email: info[@]xuvasi.com
telephone: +44 (0) 2920 448138

Registered Company Number: 07686676 (England and Wales)
VAT Registration Number: GB 127 0625 35
D-U-N-S Number: 21-733-9602